28 August, 2007

maxi jazz said..

i can`t get no sleep ... so true .. it`s somewhere around 1 in the freakin` middle of the night .. and after traveling all day from here to there.. and dealing with all sorts of hill-billies, instead of dropping dead in my bed i`m just sitting here at my desktop and write in English.. no sleep. Do you know whats strange, even if i`m tired as hell, i didn't drink a drop of coffee all day to cause this insomnia of mine.

why do i do this now .. and in English?? dunno.. for me sometimes it`s easier to communicate trough this language of those awful tea drinkers, Shakespeare readers, son`s of a biatch.

enough with all this nonsense .. back in my room ... still in romania :P

noapte buna fratilor

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